Zapier for Coworking Spaces

When we were at the GCUC Canada, coworking space owners and managers told us that they use Zapier to optimize workflows in their coworking spaces. We want to share some basics how Zapier works and can help you to make your operations even more efficient and focus on the most important thing in your space: your members.

Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work:

  • Zapier is the glue that connects more than 500 web apps.
  • Zaps are workflows that connect your apps, so they can work together.
  • Zaps start with a Trigger—an event in one of your apps that kicks off your workflow.
  • Zaps automate tasks in the background, so you can focus on more important work.



How does it work:

  1. Pick a Trigger that sets your Zap into motion.
  2. Zaps complete actions, while you solve more important problems.


Zapier can connect more than 700 Apps and many of those apps are used by coworking spaces. Slack, Google Sheets, Trello, Gmail, Cobot and MailChimp are only a few examples for the endless possibilities that Zapier offers.


Coworking space owners have specialised needs. Managing members, booking rooms, collecting payments, communicating with the members and many more. That is why coworking space owners use many different apps to optimize their work. 

Zapier is very easy to set up and it offers a free version, with which you can connect up to 2 apps. The premium plans cost $20 for zaps with more than 3 steps, unlimted access of all apps at Zapier and much more. The plan for teams is $125 per months and makes it possible to share Zaps with your whole team.

Here are some examples for Zaps with the coworking space management software Cobot:


Cobot and Slack: Slack and Cobot can be integrated in the way that Cobot bookings are send to Slack immediately or that you get a Slack message when a Cobot member is confirmed.  


Cobot and Google Calendar: Zapier creates new Google calendar events when a new member is registered or when a new booking is made.


Cobot and Google contacts: New cobot members are automatically added to Google contacts


Other Integrations with Cobot:


  • hubspot-logo-dark-2HubSpot CRM – Add confirmed Cobot members to HubSpot CRM
  • zoho-crmZoho CRM – Create Zoho CRM leads from Cobot confirmed members
  • top-email-marketing-service-mailchimp-logoMailChimp– Add cancelled Cobot members to a MailChimp list
  • gmailGmail – Send confirmed Cobot members email via Gmail
  • trelloTrello – Create a Trello card from cancelled Cobot members
  • surveypalSurveypal – Send cancelled Cobot members a Surveypal exit survey
  • hellosignHelloSign – Send HelloSign documents to confirmed Cobot members
  • salesforceSalesforce – Update Salesforce contact when Cobot member is cancelled
  • facebookFacebook – Create Facebook posts from new confirmed Cobot members
  • capsule-logoCapsule CRM – Add new Cobot members are added to Capsule CRM
  • beepsendBeepsend SMS – Send confirmed Cobot members a SMS via Beepsend


Other helpful apps for coworking spaces that can be integrated with many others:


  • sharedesk_logo_letteringShareDeskManagement Software for coworking spaces that has integrations with Slack, MailChimp, Salesforce etc.
  • freshbooksFreshBooks – Accounting Software – get notified about new payments on Slack, add invoices to Google spreadsheet etc.
  • hipchatHipChat – Communication platform – Get a reminder in HipChat 5 minutes before a meeting starts etc.
  • mavenlinkMavenlink – Resource Planning and Project Management Software – Create Mavenlink projects for won deals on Base etc.


Zapier also offers free guides in its learning center. For example  The Ultimate Guide to CRM Apps could be Interesting for coworking spaces.

All in all, Zapier is a very helpful tool for your coworking space that makes workflows faster and easier so that you can focus on the important work.

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