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— HappyDesk has carved a niche in the market of coworking space management software because it makes management of shared workplaces easier, enhances collaborative work and does a bit more than the majority of other similar platforms.

The company was founded in 2014 as a Sharing-space-as-a-service (Saas) software platform to connect owners of coworking venues with people looking for a shared workplace. After the company started collaborating with WUN systems – a provider of the Internet, VoIP, security and cloud solutions that caters to workspace operators –  it achieved synergies that made the merger head and shoulders above other coworking tools. It is since now with WUN.



HappyDesk has a number of features characteristic of the majority of coworking space management software:

  1. Member data and leads can be maintained through a powerful CMR.
  2. Automated invoicing and payments eliminates the need for routine paperwork that can eat up a lot of your time.
  3. Booking calendar is a useful tool that enables members to make and manage reservations effortlessly.
  4. Membership plans are created to suit any member’s needs and allow great flexibility and customization.
  5. White label features ensure that you can promote your business by seamlessly integrating your packages and memberships through HappyDesk.
  6.  Member portal enhances users’ communication and collaboration as well as enables administrators to manage events more efficiently.
  7. Proposal builder enables you to create contracts automatically pulling all the data from the system.
  8. Reporting. On the intelligent dashboard, you can view the results of your work, potential opportunities and even projected revenue.
  9. iOS application allows you to manage all the processes on the go.

Differences between other tools

While the features mentioned above are common with the leading providers such as NEXUDUS and Cobot, HappyDesk and WUN take management to a new level and enable coworking spaces to integrate the software with a wide number of finance, payment, access control, broker, marketing and business apps.

Moreover, HappyDesk and WUN provide various hardware required for running a coworking platform. Wi-Fi and voice services can be easily set up by any team member. Real-time monitoring of the Internet and access control are conducted automatically and do not require any additional staff members.


Because HappyDesk is highly customizable pricing depends on the plan and features you choose. Just fill out a quick form on WUN systems website and you will receive an offer based on your needs and services ordered.

To sum it up, HappyDesk is a one-stop solution for managing a coworking space. Because you can get the software and hardware from one provider and most of the services are automated, you can avoid and unnecessary manual labor.  Owners and administrators of shared workplaces can concentrate on what is really important rather than on time-consuming and mundane tasks such as billing, member set up, onboarding, contract creation, etc.

HappyDesk helps you save costs, build a successful coworking community, work more efficiently and increase revenue.

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