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All over the country, the urban landscape is expanding rapidly. More offices are coming up across major cities, employing more people who are moving to the cities as a result. However, the infrastructure is unable to keep up with the rapid growth of the cities – there’s more traffic on the roads, and people are taking longer to commute between their office and residence which has a direct impact on productivity.

However, having an office at home may not be the most professional and convenient option for many corporate individuals. Fortunately, coworking spaces offer the best alternative to such workers – giving them a professional work environment, but with greater flexibility.

According to a survey by Deskmag, the demand for coworking spaces in India is expected to grow to over 10,000 by the end of the year. Coworking spaces or shared offices offer individuals a comfortable and quiet workspace, complete with secure and reliable internet connectivity, and even additional facilities like conference rooms.

Another survey by global workspace provider Regus reveals that 74% of Indians felt more inspired through shared skills and experience accessible in a coworking environment. So, what kind of employees can benefit the most out of opting for office space in a coworking environment?

  • Startups and new businesses are one of the biggest users of coworking spaces. Renting a coworking space for a temporary period of time can be quite affordable, unlike leasing a conventional office. And to many a cash-strapped new business venture looking for a professional work environment to establish itself, a coworking space offers the most affordable, practical alternative.
  • Young moms who work remotely for organizations would also prefer the calm and organized workspace at a shared office setup than working out of their own homes. Coworking offices close to their homes provide them the convenience and flexibility of working out of a professional environment, without being too far away from their kids and homes.
  • For professionals who travel frequently, finding a coworking space near airports lets them catch up with their work before jet-setting to their next destination. Unlike a noisy airport, a coworking office offers them a quiet environment to take important calls, attend meetings virtually, or even catch up on email correspondence without any distractions or disturbances.
  • A coworking space can even offer employees in client-facing roles an opportunity to work remotely and avoid long commutes. Most coworking office spaces have professional conference halls and meeting rooms, which can be booked in advance for important meetings with clients and customers. Instead of meeting in a coffee shop or a restaurant, which can be more expensive and not as productive, these conference rooms let them discuss work more comfortably and professionally.
  • Not everyone can work out of a conventional office in the most productive manner. Employees in creative roles can find coworking spaces to be better suited to boost their work efficiency. According to a survey by global workspace provider Regus, 74% of Indians said that coworking spaces offered them inspiration through shared skills and experience. Being around like-minded individuals can inspire them and encourage them to realize their potential to the maximum extent in a supportive work environment.

Coworking spaces offer the ideal balance of professional work environment and flexibility for people who require a quiet and comfortable working environment, without the hassles of the commute.

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