The 5 best coworking space management software in 2018

Best software coworking spaces

Every coworking space needs a management software to keep things organized, help grow the space and make the everyday of using the facility as easiest and streamlined as possible. Choosing the right solution can be crucial to the success of your business and this is why we have collected the top five best applications available on the market, including pricing and basic comparison.

Best software for coworking spaces:

  • Cobot
  • Nexudus
  • Office RND
  • Optix
  • Kube by Wun




Cobot is a Berlin based provider of Coworking software who probably have the highest integration rate with Adyen,, Gocardless, Payone, Paypal, Stripe, Veritrans Japan, Paylane, Cloudessa, KISI, Google, Slack, Zapier and many more. Their plan includes unlimited support, white label functionalities, invoicing, reporting and analytics and more.

Pricing is based on the number of members and something worth pointing out is that guest accesses and day passes will not count towards the overall number of users you’ll be charged for. Full Cobot review here.



nexudus coworking software


Nexudus is a very scaleable and deep application. Almost any function can be customized and they also provide an API for custom integrations. Nexudus is great if you are looking for a lot of technical possibilities and many functions.

Their white label approach will allow you to shape your members portal according to your brand and your specific needs. Full Nexudus review here.



office rnd R&D coworking

Office RND

Office RnD has a high satisfaction among coworking operators. They built a beautiful yet powerful application that also integrates many external services like GoCardless, Xero, Google Calendar or KISI. Pricing starts from as little as $50/month and can be based on either the number of members or the number of fixed desks.



Optix Coworking


Optix is an outrageous beautiful platform that seems to satisfy every need of a growing space provider. The interfaces are straightforward, intuitive and beautiful and the member app allows for closer relationships with coworkers. Optix offers intergations with a variety of apps, including Google Calendar, Slack and ShareDesk.

Pricing starts at $199/month for a single location with up to 50 members. Full Optix review here.


WUN software


Kube by WUN is a great alternative for your coworking space. This all-in-one solution makes life easier to both managers and customer. For instance, it allows members of the space to book offices or meeting rooms, pay out their invoices or connect with other members of the community directly on the smartphone app.

Like other tools mentioned here, WUN offers a powerful dashboard with real time reporting, memberships management and customer support functionalities.



Your own solution

There is a sixth addition to our list, and it’s the option of building your own custom made solution. Any coworking space providers have so detailed needs that they can decide to build their own coworking management system. They call it “OS” for Operating System. That being said, before you decide to do that, make sure you have specific reasons why the above providers don’t work, you have enough resources to support and maintain your app throughout its lifecycle.

Run on Kisi?

If your space manages access control through Kisi, you should know that Kisi’s could dashboard offers integrations with Cobot, Nexudus, Office RND, Optix, KUBE by WUN, Croissant and many other apps! Take a look at the different integrations here and see how you can benefit from them.


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