Top 10 Largest Coworking Space Companies in the USA [2018 Update]

For workers that search for a coworking space where they could become a member, coworking space chains are very interesting. Not only they have many locations in each big city, which means that there will definitely be one next to your home, they also have flexible membership offers. The possibility of having access to multiple locations can also represent a great benefit to users that traveling frequently, whether that’s for work, to meet clients, or simply recreational reasons.

Our list of the biggest coworking companies include:

  • Impact Hub
  • WeWork
  • Your Alley
  • District Cowork
  • Make Office
  • Industrious Office
  • Techspace
  • Serendipity Labs
  • Green Desk
  • SomeCentral

It is also interesting for current and future coworking space owners to keep an eye on them because they have interesting concepts and are very successful at the moment.

Top 10 coworking companies:


Impact Hub – There are 92 open Impact Hubs (14 of which are in the United States) and an additional 8 are in the making or planning. Impact Hub has more than 16,000 members in 81 cities all over the world. Impact Hub works on a franchise system, which means that anyone can open and run an Impact Hub, given that specific requirements are met. More information about that can be found on their website.



WeWork counts a whopping 341 locations in 65 cities around the world. Founded in 2010, WeWork currently has over 50 locations just in New York City and is on its way to become the largest private office tenant in Manhattan. They offer a “We Membership”, a hot desk, a dedicated desk and a private office. The basic membership with access to the WeWork network and credits to book a room or use a hot desk starts at $45 per month. They have more than 200,000 members at the moment.



Your Alley has 2 locations in New York City, one in Washington D.C. and one in Cambridge, MA, a few minutes away from MIT, and while it is a smaller chain compared to others in this list, there are many more location coming soon! Day memberships, shared desks, dedicated desks and private offices are available.


District-Cowork-LogoDistrict Cowork  has one location in New York CIty. More locations in New York, Miami, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto and five Locations in Asia are coming soon. Available membership plans are a gallery desk, a dedicated desk, a private office and a virtual membership.



Make Offices -Make Offices has currently 14 locations across Chicago, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. Locations in other states are coming soon too. As most of the other coworking space chains, they offer virtual office memberships, open desk memberships and private offices. The virtual office membership starts at 75$ while a daily pass is $25.



Industrious Office has 44 locations all over the United States, with more opening soon in Portland, San Francisco, Irvine, Phoenix, Boulder and Orlando. They have flexible leasing offers and members can choose between different types of offices.



Techspace has 9 locations in total. Three Locations are in New York, one is in LA, two are in Orange County, one is in San Francisco, one is in Austin, one in Houston and a new one in Washington D.C.



Serendipity Labs has as many as 19 Locations in the United States and according to the company “over 100 Serendipity Labs are under development across the country”. They have four different memberships: Friend of the Lab, Mobility member, coworking member and resident member. The basic membership starts at $49 and the resident membership where you have a dedicated desk and access 24/7 starts at $799.



Green Desk offers 9 Locations in New York City, 3 of which in the Brooklyn’s iconic neighbourhood of DUBMO. They have space for individuals and also for growing team consisting of up to 30 people. They count around 5,000 members, and their virtual office service starts at only $49/month.



SomaCentral has three locations in San Francisco and Oakland. It focusses on tech startups. Instagram, Mashable and Twilio are all SomaCentral alumni, along with tens of other successful companies.

Even though these coworking space chains are really big and have many locations all over the US, small coworking spaces still have a big chance to become successful because the market for coworking is huge and it is far from being saturated. Members that seek a big network consisting of many other coworkers should definitely consider a coworking space chain.

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