Top New Coworking Space Concepts

Coworking in Restaurants

Spacious has a great new coworking concept. It turns restaurants into coworking spaces. The restaurants are open for cowokers before their normal opening hours. After the restaurant opens you can stay there and eat, of course.They are only active in New York City at the moment but Los Angeles, San Francisco and London will be coming soon. Their concept is really interesting because it combines the best aspects of a coworking space and a restaurant. You can sit wherever you want in the restaurant and get access to WiFi, unlimited coffee, tea and refreshments. You can have guests, so it is also perfect as a meeting space. The first hour with each guest is free, after that you have to pay $6 per hour per guest. In total, the membership for a whole month is $95, the first day pass is free and after the trail it is $29. Of course you can also use the restaurant space to connect with other coworkers. It may be easier than in a normal coworking space because the atmosphere in a coworking space is different from the atmosphere in a restaurant.

Coworking Spaces Only For Women

Another new coworking concept is coworking spaces only for women. These spaces concentrate on entrepreneurial women that want to become successful and connect with other successful women.  One example is Hera Hub. They have four locations and more will be coming soon. Their members are women from all different industries. All members are interested in networking and connecting with other women. The idea behind a coworking space only for women is that women can become as successful as men and they should connect to make the best out of their business. The atmosphere in every Hera Hub is very nice and the workspace is spa-inspired. The combination of this atmosphere, the business resources and the other like-minded women is perfect for entrepreneurial women.

Hera Hub is a chain, that means that every women can open her own Hera Hub in basically every city.

Coworking and Kids

A concept that becomes more and more important is the combination of coworking and childcare. There are many working mothers and fathers and it gets harder to find affordable childcare and of course, everybody wants to be around their children as often as possible. That is why coworking and childcare is the perfect combination to get work done and still spend time with your children. It is also attractive for companies that want to join the coworking space, even if they do not have kids.  If they want to hire new employees, it will be a benefit for them that the coworking space offers childcare. This will attract much more possible new employees.

One example for a successful coworking space that offers childcare is Hacker Moms. It is a coworking space for moms (and dads). Infants up to preschoolers can spend their time in the childcare while their moms and dads work on their projects. Hacker Moms also organises many events and workshops.

In conclusion it is a very convenient concept for coworking spaces that should be integrated in more coworking spaces.

Coworking and Coliving

Coworking and coliving is another new coworking concept in the industry. One coworking space that is successful with this concept is AngkorHub in Cambodia. They offer coworking and coliving – this means that members have 24/7 access to the coworking space. Other benefits are that it does not take long to get to work in the morning – you basically just walk out of your room and are at the office in the same moment. The whole package costs $28 per day, $188 per week or $678 per month. This is still a new concept and it is not very common yet. Most members only stay for one week so it is more a way to combine vacation and work and not a coworking space as we know it.

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