Top Websites to List and Find a Coworking Space

If you are a coworking space owner, you may know how important it is to give a push to your website (and your business!) by signing up to relevant directories and platforms. Not only this helps your SEO, but it will most of all help your potential customers to find you! On the other hand, all websites listed here are equally useful to anyone in search of the coworking space that best fits their needs.

So there you go, here are the best websites to list your space and to search for one as a member.

Websites to List and Find a Coworking Space

Name Website Location International
Hubble London
Instant Offices International
Pickspace International
Share Desk International
Happy Desk International International International
DeskTime International
Coworking London London
Desk Pass International
Copass International
Coworking Wiki International
Desk Surfing International
Near Desk US
Liquid Space International
GoCoWo International
Find Workspaces US
Sneed India
Ofixu International
Meetings Booker International
Qdesq India
eWorky International
Share your office US
Spacelist US and Canada
42 Floors US
Office List US and Canada
Coffices International
Breather US, Canada, Europe
Setting Berlin
Key to Office International
Peerspace US and Europe
Bizly US
Spacewhiz India
Beewake US and Europe
Awfis India
Spacehop UK
Splacer US
Lexc International
Desk Camping International
Worksnug International
Seats 2 Meet US
Coworking.Coffee International


Other useful generic listing pages


Name Website Location
Yelp International
Google Maps International
Yellow Pages International
FourSquare International

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  1. Hey Patrizia! Really appreciate you pulling this list together. Will you be pulling together an updated round-up anytime soon? I bet there are many other tools that have popped up since you last published this piece. If so, I’ve got a tool I’d love to share it with you! Feel free to shoot me a note and I can send over the deeds –


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